Natural Areas

With hundreds of acres of natural settings, Golden Oak Ranch has plenty of room for you to bring your creative vision to life.  Forests, knolls, meadows, fields … the Ranch has all the natural beauty you might find in the woods of Massachusetts, but is located within the 30-Mile Zone. Almost everything on the property is yours to work with as long as you return it to the state it was in before your filming, unless otherwise agreed.  We believe that if you can dream it, you can film it at the Ranch.

Big West Meadow Eleven acres of lush grass, green year-round, framed by trees and backed by rolling hills.
Piney Woods Tall pine trees grown densely, creating a blanket of pine needles and cones for a genuine forest look and feel.

Moonshine Meadow/Woods A large meadow covered in lush, green grass surrounded by a variety of tree species, brush and hills.
Plateau Meadow Two pastures used for growing crops, grass and sunflowers set high on a hill, partially divided by a wooden fence and overlooking Insert Road.

Insert Road A long, straight dirt road lined on either side by grassy meadows and massive oak trees.
Park Meadow A pristine meadow in a shallow canyon dotted and framed with oak trees.

Toby Tyler Bridge Lined by oak and pine trees, the canyon runs a long distance within the property.
Pine Lake Larger than the Old Lake, Pine Lake is nestled among lofty pine trees and thick grasses. Some areas around the lake are flat and have shorter grass.

Bottom Region Depending on time of year, the Bottom Meadow is either freshly tilled soil; tall, green alfalfa; or newly mowed alfalfa.
Waterfall & Log Cabin A tall and detailed waterfall cascading straight down into a pool which then flows down into smaller falls until pouring into Pine Lake.

Heil Canyon